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"Ms. Padia is across the board a 10 in all areas of family law. She was a strong negotiator as well as quick, efficient and provided effective results during the most difficult time of my life. Ms. Padia also showed great compassion and was sympathetic to my emotional turmoil while walking me through each step and directing me as needed to protect my assets and parental rights.

I had another attorney at the beginning of my divorce who was near the level of experience that Ms. Padia has, my past attorney was disorganized and frankly wasn't willing to make hard calls when needed. Ms. Padia without hesitation stepped into action every time! If you are looking for someone who is a leader and ready to step to the plate when things get tough, then Ms. Padia is the only attorney I would recommend for divorce or family law."

Lisa C.

"The Right Choice - Choosing the right attorney can be a bit difficult when all you have is a name and a picture. Four years ago when we needed help with some difficult custody, support and visitation issues we were so very fortunate to find Connie . and tenacity made a big difference in our lives. Throughout the struggle for our children (and grandchildren), Connie seemed to always come out the winner, even against much larger law firms. And what was so important, no matter how busy she was, it seemed we were always her most important client. She was always "up to date" on whatever issue was pressing or worry some to us. Her charges were always straightforward and her time honest. In case you're wondering, I really am her client."

Bill M

"I was referred to Connie by a friend who hired her to represent him. After meeting with Connie. I had this strong feeling that she was a person that will support and guide you through the process. I hired Connie to represent me with my family case. One never expects there should be so much paperwork and understanding why it was needed. I had my doubts how this case would pan out due to all the information requested. Connie was straight forward and explained everything as to why is was all needed. There were times information was needed quickly but was not a factor here. When Connie gives you on what you should do. FOLLOW IT. She knows what she is doing and wouldn't steer you in the wrong direction. Just be straight up honest and provide the information. The outcome of my case no words can explain. I couldn't be happier. Being a Retired Veteran, listening and watching her in court was amazing. Strong and Aggressive."


"Ms. Padia has tirelessly worked to help me navigate several post-divorce issues over the last 4+ years. She worked hard to understand my issues and then fought diligently for me in court. Through her representation, the court has been able to understand complex family issues and provide rulings that have brought my family relief. Over the years, I have come to know how much Ms. Padia cares about her clients. I will always be so grateful for everything Ms. Padia has done for my family."

A. Balmforth

"Connie helped me through a difficult time in my life. I was involved in a messy and unusual divorce and in need of a lawyer who not only cared about my interests but someone who was professional and thorough. Connie came highly referred to me and I was grateful when she accepted my case. Both Connie and her assistant Eliz were always reachable and responsive throughout the process. I felt that both Connie and Eliz were sincerely looking out for my best interests. I highly recommend Connie ; I truly believe that she is sensitive to her client’s needs and will represent her client to her fullest capacity."

Loretta Rueda

"What a great experience I had at the Law Firm of Connie M. Padia, P.C.

My past experience with law firms is, you just become a number, but not with Connie. Connie made sure that I was completely informed and showed me how much she truly cares for each and every one of her clients.My experience with the Law Firm of Connie M. Padia, P.C. was more than I expected with NONE of the unnecessary charges other law firms hit you with.

I would highly recommend the Law Firm of Connie M. Padia, P.C. if you’re looking for more than just the average law firm."

Steve Klinger

Parker, CO

"Connie was very professional and one of the best experiences I've had with an attorney. Ms. Padia and Eliz, her staff, was very on top of everything pertaining to my case. She always made me feel very confident and assured me that my case was always in the winning direction. Her personable, caring, and hospitable manner always made me feel very comfortable and never nervous about the case. Ms. Padia is a great attorney and I would highly recommend her for any legal services. I am a happy and satisfied client and owe it all to Ms. Padia. Thank Connie and Eliz."

Samantha Cordova

Jefferson County

“Connie is an absolute miracle worker. She fought hard for me. My best interests were her number one concern and she completely changed my situation around. She is honest, hard working, ethical, smart, and an overall wonderful person. She always kept me updated at each step throughout my child support and parenting time modification. The best possible scenario for me became reality and it was all because of her. Thank you so much, Connie.” 

Ryan K.

Denver, CO 

"The Law Firm of Connie M helped me thru a difficult time in my life with quality legal representation and did it in a caring and compassionate manner. If you are looking for an attorney who is not afraid to fight for justice, I was pleased with the quality of service I received from the Law Firm of Connie M P.C."  

Frank S

Westminster, Colorado

"I am excited to contribute to for Connie and the Law Firm. I wish I had known Connie years ago when I was unable to find adequate counsel for post decree matters. Connie is an enthusiastic, brilliant attorney who is at her finest in the . She doesn't miss a thing and her strategy always works. I am thoroughly impressed and satisfied with everything she and her firm does for me." 

Rebecca Young

Jefferson County

"The Law Firm of Connie M. help me through a really tough family matter and continues to help me through current issues. I had a post decree issue that also involved my parenting time. She was fabulous in court concerning all areas of my case. I had the pleasure of seeing Connie work the courtroom before and she handled my case with as much dignity and grace as she had handled another. She is extremely professional and is very well versed in the law and how it applies to each situation. I would recommend Connie M. to anyone who needs a Family Law Attorney."  


Park County Combined Court

"I fully recommend the Law Firm of Connie When I went through my difficult divorce, Connie was the one person I could always count on to provide me with facts and guidance. Connie is a true professional and attorney. Morality and integrity are the of this Law Firm. Connie is detail oriented and efficient. She is passionate about her work and makes her clients feel comfortable and calm with her confident demeanor. The is where she really shines as she is always a couple of steps ahead of the game. Connie's professionalism and hard work turned the tables in my case when the odds were stacked against me by my ex's unscrupulous attorney. Having an experienced attorney like Connie is a real game changer." 

Steve T.

Arapahoe County Court

"I am extremely pleased with how well Connie handled my Divorce proceedings. Her and genuine concern for me as her client evident throughout the months it took to finalize the divorce. It felt reassuring to have an attorney whom you could trust and you know they have your and your family's best interests at the forefront. I appreciate all that you and the members of your firm did for me during those difficult months."

Thank you!

Sarah E.

Arvada, CO

"My encounter with you leaves me experiencing you as a very professional, ethical, thorough and kind attorney. It's been good to meet you." 

Jae Mundt

Attorney at Law

"I have never met an attorney that cares so much about her clients and their cases than Connie . Connie's passion, tenacity, and work ethic gave me the utmost confidence in her. I knew that my best interest her number one priority." 

Barry O.

Thornton, CO

"I want to extend many thanks to Connie and her wonderful staff. Dealing with an ongoing domestic case has not been easy, yet Connie was willing and dedicated to justice to my situation. Connie and her staff are very dedicated, friendly, and devoted to each personal case. I can't thank them enough for their hard work and support over the past years! Thank you!!"

Melissa R.

Arvada, Co.

"I met Connie through a phone interview as a witness for her client who is also a friend of mine. I was so impressed she called during the weekend and was so detailed with her interview I ended up retaining her for a custody case. You will not find a harder working attorney who takes your case personal. Connie works your case as if it is her own and has a “never quit” attitude! She has an impeccable reputation and holds herself to the highest standards imaginable. What’s most impressive is Connie refuses to settle until she is completely confident you and your family’s needs and interests have been addressed. She has assisted my family on a variety of civil issues with complete success. Connie has our highest recommendation and will always be our family attorney. Although now she is more than our attorney She and Tito have become family friends."

Jesse A.

"When you need a lawyer you need a lawyer who has the experience and will stand shoulder to shoulder with you to the end, Connie and her staff does that"

James W.

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